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Burleson Elks Football

The Burleson Boys and Girls Club was established in 1960. In the early days, the BBGC met at various locations, including the Nola Dunn Campus Gym. The BBGC later entered into a partnership with a group from Fort Worth that was funded by the United Way. Funding provided by this group enabled the BBGC to acquire the land that our football field is located in 1978. The BBGC building was completed in 1980

Unfortunately, a fire destroyed the building in the early 1980’s. Although the building was insured, the money from the claim was recovered by the Fort Worth group that originally funded it. The BBGC purchased the land and the fire damaged building in 1985 from the Fort Worth group. Someday, the BBGC would like to rebuild the facilities and expand our ability to serve the children of Burleson.

Currently the BBGC offers football and cheerleading programs for the children of Burleson. The BBGC has a long standing tradition of excellence with many of our teams winning Super Bowls! In addition to football and cheer activities, our teams have always participated in the Burleson Homecoming Parade in October. Since the parade was cancelled, we have participated in the Elk Festival and will also participate in Centennial H.S. Pep Rallys. Many kids also participate in the Fourth of July Parade where the BBGC always has a float.

All the public BBGC meeting dates will be displayed in the marquee on this website. If you would like more information about the BBGC, please feel free to contact a BBGC board member. We look forward to the opportunity to give your child an outstanding football or cheer experience!

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Burleson Boys and Girls Club Field
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