Putting the child first and the sport second

Super Bowl

12U Tackle

Aledo Bearcats (Gardner)

Aledo Bearcats (Gardner)  30     Crowley Eagles  0

10U Tackle

Brock Eagles (Tolson)

Brock Eagles (Tolson)  31     Aledo Bearcats (Cooper)  0

9U Tackle

Aledo Bearcats (Tregellas)

Aledo Bearcats (Tregellas)  30     Cleburne Yellow Jackets  0

8U Tackle

Aledo Bearcats (Atkins)

Aledo Bearcats (Atkins)  30     Aledo Bearcats (Gaylord)  0

7U Tackle

Aledo Bearcats (Majewski)

Aledo Bearcats (Majewski)  22     Aledo Bearcats (Young)  6

6U Flag

Brock Eagles

Brock Eagles  30     Aledo Bearcats (Chavez)  0

5U Flag

Aledo Bearcats (Kirk)

Aledo Bearcats (Kirk)  26     Brock Eagles (Smith)  12

Who We Are

Metroplex Youth Football Association is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that was established in the COVID chaos of 2020. The league was originally formed by a group consisting of several like-minded associations that decided MYFA would be about more than just the game of football. MYFA would direct the league’s focus on maintaining the belief of “The Child First, The Sport Second”, which soon became MYFA’s motto and a core principle of the league. The motto is a reminder to all that each decision made during the year from the MYFA’s By-Laws to a simple coaching decision on the playing field need to be made with the best interest of the children first.

MYFA aspires to provide the best experience for all the children that participate during our league seasons and events. MYFA is determined to be one of the most consistent youth football leagues in North Texas over the years and focused on increasing our participation and league membership over the next several years. MYFA is looking to continue its growth and membership through the next generation of participants. MYFA understands that for continued success to be achieved we will need the help of literally thousands of volunteers that will give their time, sweat and money to make sure that children from dozens of communities around the DFW area have the opportunity to learn some of life's important lessons through the great game of football.

Thank you to everyone who has played a part in the creation to MYFA!! You are appreciated!

The Purpose and Goals of MYFA are:

1) To teach the fundamentals of football.

2) To develop good character within each of our players.

3) To encourage the development of a physically fit body.

4) To create a healthy competitive spirit among the players.

5) To ensure the safety of each of our players.

Thank you to our sponsors